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Tantrum on the TracksTantrum on the Tracks

By Judy Freed

On 21, Mar 2016 | In | By Judy Freed

Tantrum on the Tracks

“A delightful show for very young children. Highly recommended.”
~ Kelly Kleiman, Dueling Critics, Chicago Public Radio

“Wholesome and entertaining for children, clever and amusing for adults.”
~ Randi B. Wolfe, Director of Workforce Development, Los Angeles Universal Preschool

Book by Judy Freed, Music and Lyrics by Marianne Kallen

It’s a special day for two young train cars: their very first day with the big train. Dash is so excited he can barely stand still. But Starlight wishes she were at home with her mom. Can Engine keep the train together and on track? Or will a sudden temper tantrum derail everyone’s plans?

This interactive musical for children ages 3-7 was developed with input from early childhood education experts, the Duncan YMCA/Chernin Center for the Arts, and Theatre Building Chicago.

Cast: 2-3 women, 2-3 men (5 total)
Orchestrations: Piano or keyboard
45-minute 1-act
Published and licensed by YouthPLAYS

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Music from Tantrum on the Tracks

Stop, Look, and Listen
Vocalists: Tiffani Moore with Amy Steele, Matt Medaglia, Derrick Mitchell and Julia Black. Pianist: Brandon A. Magid.

When I’m In My Room
Vocalist: Julia Black. Pianist: Brandon A. Magid.

I Want My Tankie!
Vocalists: Julia Black with Matt Medaglia, Derrick Mitchell, Tiffani Moore and Amy Steele. Pianist:
Brandon A. Magid.

Cry-Baby, Coconuts
Vocalists: Matt Medaglia, Derrick Mitchell, Julia Black and Amy Steele. Pianist: Brandon A. Magid.

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