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Sleepy HollowSleepy HollowSleepy HollowSleepy Hollow

By Judy Freed

On 21, Mar 2016 | In | By Judy Freed

Sleepy Hollow

Developed at the ASCAP-Disney Musical Theater Workshop

“A charming, tune-filled adaptation…ideal for all ages.”
~ Sun-Times News Group

“Put it on your season and you’ll pack the house!”
~ Janet Preus, Director, A Center for the Arts

“Fun, funny and full of heart…a pleasure to direct.”
~ Lara Tibble, Director, Theatre-Hikes

“A crowd favorite, especially good for Halloween time.”
~ David Fink, Producer, Acorn Theater

Book by Judy Freed, Music by Elizabeth Doyle, Lyrics by Owen Kalt
Adapted from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving

A restless ghost. A scheming schoolmaster. An apprehensive heiress. And a teenage girl who thinks demons are delightful. Welcome to Sleepy Hollow, a deliciously spooky family musical. Tensions in the little village escalate when schoolmaster Ichabod Crane competes with a shy blacksmith to win the heart of a lovely young heiress. Meanwhile, rumors circulate that the local ghost, the Headless Horseman, is seeking his revenge. Nothing is as it seems in this fresh, funny adaptation of the classic American tale.

Cast: 5 women, 6 men; cast can be enlarged as needed
Orchestrations: Piano or small ensemble; some actors can double as instrumentalists

90-minute 2-act and 60-minute 1-act versions available

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Music from Sleepy Hollow

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow
Vocalists: Paul Alessandro, Bob Heitzinger, and Cary Lovett. Pianist: Elizabeth Doyle.

Great Day in the Morning
Vocalists: Cristen Paige with Paul Alessandro, Bob Heitzinger, Lisa Lauren and Cary Lovett. Pianist: Elizabeth Doyle.

Nurturing Fertile Young Minds
Vocalists: Cristen Paige and Peter Mohawk. Pianist: Elizabeth Doyle.

I Know You By Heart
Vocalists: Sean Krill. Pianist: Elizabeth Doyle.

The Legend
Vocalists: Cristen Paige and Sean Krill with Paul Alessandro, Bob Heitzinger, Lisa Lauren and Cary Lovett. Pianist: Elizabeth Doyle.


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